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Horseback riding carries a higher injury rate than both motorcycle riding and automobile racing.

As a horseback rider, you spend hours in the saddle; either training for events or out on the trail. The wear on your body can begin to show with lower back, hip and knee pain as well as shoulder and arm tension. Anyone who spends time on a horse is bound to suffer some type of injury requiring weeks, months or even years to recover.

Acupuncture helps shorten recovery time – by decreasing pain, swelling, inflammation, and helping the body jump start its own healing process.

Acupuncture can improve flexibility, circulation, and help riders get back into balance after a fall–Imbalances in your body can affect your horse’s gait and temperament. Acupuncture can also increase body awareness and posture, so that you can move easily with your horse and enjoy the ride.

As a California licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine I specialize in Integrated Sports Medicine. As an owner of two horses, I understand the need to be at our best physically in order to help our equine partners stay balanced and happy.

By taking care of yourself, you will be taking care of your horse.

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